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The Class Action Chronicle

Lauren E. Aguiar, John H. Beisner, David S. Clancy, Anthony J. Dreyer, Jessica D. Miller, Jason D. Russell, Charles W. Schwartz, Michael Y. Scudder, Geoffrey M. Wyatt, Katelyn N. Andrews, Matthew S. Barkan, Mondi Basmenji, Catherine Fisher, Hillary A. Hamilton, Angela Kim, Brittany D. Parling, Nina R. Rose, Jordan M. Schwartz, Matthew Stein, Xiyin Tang, Jessica N. Walker, Brian Baggetta, Skadden Inaugural edition of The Class Action Chronicle (quarterly), Fall 2013.

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This is the inaugural edition of The Class Action Chronicle, a quarterly publication that will provide analysis of recent class action trends, along with a summary of class certification and Class Action Fairness Act rulings issued during each quarter. Our publication is designed to keep both practitioners and clients up-to-date on class action developments in antitrust, mass torts/products liability, consumer fraud and other areas of law. The Fall 2013 edition highlights the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit’s recent — and troubling — approval of issues classes as a means to facilitate class certification in cases where the requirements of Rule 23 are not met.

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