David Gerber

David Gerber

Academic Steering Committee

Professor Gerber works in the areas of comparative and international law. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Trinity College, a master’s degree from Yale University and a law
degree from the University of Chicago. He was formerly associated with the Frankfurt, Germany, law firm of Peltzer and Riesenkampff and the New York law firm of Casey, Lane
& Mittendorf. Professor Gerber has taught law at the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University and Washington University in the United States, as well as at the University
of Stockholm and the University of Uppsala in Sweden and at the University of Freiburg
and the University of Munich in Germany. He also spent a year working with the Institute
of International and Comparative Law at the University of Freiburg. He is a member of the
International Academy of Comparative Law and has been a member of the executive committee
of the American Society of Comparative Law. His book, Law and Competition in Twentieth
Century Europe, was published by Oxford University Press in 1998 (paperback 2001).

Voir en ligne : Kent College of Law (Chicago)

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