The Awards Jury comprises the Board, the Academic and Business Steering Committees, the Editorial Committee and the Readers. Each of these contribute to the Awards selection process. The Editorial Committee of the Institute of Competition Law selects a pool of articles based on Steering Committees members suggestions. The Steering Committees members and the Readers then each make a short list of the most interesting articles. The Board members finally select the award-winning articles among the short lists provided by the Steering Committees and the Readers.

The Board

The Board members for the Antitrust Writing Awards are:

- Douglas H. GINSBURG, George Mason University Distinguished Adjunct Professor
- Frédéric JENNY, OECD Competition Committee Chairman
- William E. KOVACIC, George Washington University Law School Professor
- Andreas MUNDT, International Competition Network Chairman
- Howard SHELANSKI, Georgetown University Professor
- Joshua WRIGHT, George Mason University

Academic Steering Committee

The Steering Committee members for the Antitrust Academic Writing Awards are:

- Caron BEATON-WELLS, Melbourne Law School
- Christian BOVET, Geneva University
- Daniel CRANE, University of Michigan Law School
- Einer R. ELHAUGE, Harvard Law School
- Ariel EZRACHI, Oxford University
- Harry FIRST, New York University
- Eleanor FOX, New York University
- David GERBER, Kent College of Law, Chicago University
- Herbert J. HOVENKAMP, University of Iowa
- Clifford A. JONES, University of Florida
- John B. KIRKWOOD, Seattle University Law School
- Robert C. MARSHALL, Penn State University
- Steven SALOP, Georgetown University
- Daniel SOKOL, University of Florida
- Andreas STEPHAN, University of East Anglia
- Florian WAGNER-VON PAPP, University College London
- Spencer WEBER-WALLER, Loyola University Chicago
- Wouter P. J. WILS, King’s College London

Business Steering Committee

The Steering Committee members for the Antitrust Business Writing Awards are:

- Paul ANDRES, Antitrust Counsel, Nestlé
- Andrea APPELLA, Deputy General Counsel, 21st Century Fox
- Marc BROTMAN, Chief Global Antitrust Counsel, Pfizer
- Olaf CHRISTIANSEN, Senior Vice-President, Bertelsmann
- Danielle CLARK, Global Antitrust Counsel, Hewlett-Packard
- Pilar GARCIA BERDEJO, Vice President, Sandisk
- Laurent GEELHAND, General Counsel Europe, Michelin
- Wolfgang HECKENBERGER, Chief Counsel Competition, Siemens
- Mathew HEIM, General Counsel, Qualcomm
- Julia HOLTZ, Competition Director, Google
- Susan JONES, Head Corporate Legal Antitrust, Novartis
- Wolfgang KOPF, Senior Vice-President, Public and Regulatory Affairs, Deutsche Telekom
- Gil OHANA, Director of Antitrust and Competition, Cisco
- Nina MCPHERSON, Senior Vice-President, General Counsel, Ericsson
- Gabriel MCGANN, Chief Antitrust Counsel, Coca-Cola
- James MURRAY, Associate General Counsel & Chief Antitrust Counsel, Intel
- Libby RUTHERFORD, VP and General Counsel for Global Compliance, Procter & Gamble
- Louis A. SCHAPIRO, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, The Estée Lauder Companies
- Greg SIVINSKI, Assistant General Counsel, Antitrust Group, Microsoft
- Suzanne E. WACHSSTOCK, VP & Chief Antitrust Counsel, American Express
- Charles WEBB, Senior Director, International Antitrust Compliance, Walmart
- Gary ZANFAGNA, Chief Antitrust Counsel, Honeywell

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee members for the Antitrust Writing Awards & Ranking are:

- Nicolas CHARBIT, Chief Editor, Concurrences and e-Competitions
- Elisa RAMUNDO, Managing Editor, Institute of Competition Law
- Fanny MEJANE, Deputy Chief Editor, Concurrences
- Anna CHEHTOVA, Senior Editor - Attorney US FTC
- Maly OP-COURTAIGNE, Deputy Chief Editor, e-Competitions
- Abigail SLATER, Associate US Editor - Attorney US FTC
- Chongyang (Tiffany) GE, Associate US Editor, Associate Frost Brown Todd

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